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Cloud Has it ever happened to you, you heard some song that you like while you were out, but you couldn’t remember its titel? Than you searched for the song on your smartphone, iPod, MP3-Player or whatever you use to hear your music outside. And as you couldn’t find it, you tried desperately to find it on youtube or somewhere else on the internet… in vain!

For my part I own an honorable Palm Pre, which I use from time to time to hear music. The only problem, is the little non expandable memory of 8 GB, so that I can’t take all the music I have with me… But! As I use an internet flaterate with my smartphone I could actually stream the music I have directly from my PC to my phone, instead of taking it with me. This is the main function of ampache, a streaming server that runs in a LAMP environement.

I installed an configured ampache on my Ubuntu (see instructions). You will just need to install the software from the repository (additionally to apache and mysql if you haven’t already) and link the configuration file of ampache in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ which should look like this:

Alias /ampache /usr/share/ampache/www

<Directory /usr/share/ampache/www>
  Options FollowSymLinks
  AllowOverride Limit Options FileInfo

You should now get the login screen on http://localhost/ampache. After you import some music from your hard drive (make sure the user www-data has acces to the files). Make also sure you have correctly configured you router to forward the incoming requests on port 80 to your apache server. You can use DynDNS to get a domain name ponting to your dynamic IP-Adress, than you should be able to download your music via the web interface of ampache from everywhere.

On my Palm Pre, I use the app AmpachPre (only available in Preware) as client to directly stream the music from my PC. This app has also many nice features like the ability to scrobble the music you hear to lastfm. I hope you enjoy it.

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the Matrix

If you were to ask me which cine film is my favourite one, my answer would be without doubt that it’s the now 12 years old film “The Matrix“. I don’t like the film because of it’s nice special effects or it’s impressive kung fu fight scenes. I just like the science fiction story in which the autor was able to predict the significance that the Informationtechnologies would gain in our society, and this already in the year 1999.

Notice that at this period of time, the world wide web was only existing for about 10 years and even though some services like email or chat were already popular, the technologie was still far away from using today’s intelligent systems that maybe knows more about you than your family does. Google started in 1998, facebook in 2004 and the web 2.0 technologies and the growing features of smartphones let us easily use more and more informations to simplify our manner of living. All these informations about what you do, what you like, what you think, who you love, where you are… All these informations are now just used to show you more appropriate advertisements about things you are probably interested in, so that you can consume more of the things you like and thus the economy is more susceptible to grow. For many people the collecting of this kind of private data is only another way for the big industry concerns to “control our lives”, but I was always asking my self if all these global informations could be used for more valuable purposes, for something like saving the world from starving to death…

Some time ago, I started to scrobbel the music I listen to using Rhythmbox on my Ubuntu. I was to let know more about the music I like so that I can listen to new music I like via the radio. And I must admit that it is working wonderful. And than I started to think about a world where I could consciously “scrobbel” practically everything! Think a moment about all the potential possibilities that would be available if you had this huge amount of data, especially if you had access to modern technologie like  the semantic search which can practically understand the meaning of this data. You could just “globally optimise” the whole world. Not only you would be able to guess which foods everyone would like to eat or which clothes they would like to wear and get everything they need for them for the lowest costs ever, but you also could for example associate the men and women that are more likely to live a happy marriage and get the smartest and most produtive kids ever! These thoughts are scaring aren’t they?

However on the other hand, you could maybe just “become a slave, that like everyone else was born in to bondage, born in to a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch”. I will now just let you enjoy this famous scene from the matrix, my favorite one:

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Idea At the time of digital revolutions, it seems that more and more people have all the time and everywhere acces to the internet via their mobile devices and all this kind of modern technologies… This people are not only interested in reading and searching for the informations they need for their everyday life but many of them felt the necessity to contribute to the information flood in the internet. Even tought I don’t like being a comformist idiot (see this episode of south park), I decided to follow this fashionable trend and start writing my own blog.

After I installed WordPress on my webspace and after a set up the theme and all the plugins I needed, it was now about being “creative” and writing something… But something about what? There where so many topics I wanted to write about, but which one should I start with? I had no idea… Does this mean that I’m such an uncreative person and that I had to forget about all this blog writing stuff?

I think it is really absurd trying to get instantely creative. That’s a really odd paradox! It would be the same problem if you had to ask someone to surprise you… How can you even be surprised if you already know that you would be? So how can I be creative now? The only thing I can do is to prepare the appropriate mental conditions where some creative ideas can spontaneously occur. This reminded me of a video about 29 ways to stay creative, that a friend of mine has shared a time ago on facebook.

I will try some of this stuff, so if it really works, you will find more interesting posts on this blog. But I won’t be able to try all this advices… Getting away from the computer would be too hard for me.

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